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“For you, I'll write of all of it—half fact, half reminiscence, half nightmare—my life, the one which began so way back, in a spot so removed from right here . . .” India, 1839: Linny Ingram, the respectable younger spouse of a British colonial officer, settles down to jot down her life story. Within the claustrophobic, mannered world of British India, Linny appears the right society spouse: fairly, gracious, subservient. However appearances could be misleading. Linny Ingram was born Linny Gow, an orphan raised within the chilly, grey slums of Liverpool. Offered into prostitution by her stepfather when she was solely eleven, Linny is a born survivor and an completed chameleon and manipulator. By means of a stroke of luck and appreciable scheming, she manages to re-create herself as a correct Victorian younger woman, middle-class and seemingly respectable. By befriending a service provider’s daughter, Linny secures a spot along with her new companion on a ship certain for India, the place they are going to be part of “the fishing fleet”—younger ladies of fine start however no fortune who sail to India seeking a husband. India, with its unique colours, sights, and smells, is a world away from the chilly again alleys of Linny’s childhood. However even there, she is haunted by her previous, and by the fixed risk of discovery. To safe her place in society, she marries Somers Ingram, a rich British officer with secrets and techniques of his personal. Quickly Linny discovers that respectability and marriage carry a brand new type of imprisonment, in addition to the identical menace and violence that she thought she had escaped. However Linny is just not about to give up simply. Within the lush tropics of India she finds not solely the means for insurrection but in addition the love and freedom she by no means had in England. We had been at sea virtually 4 months. Swallows swooped close to the railings, indicating land close by. Mrs. Cavendish likened these busy, twittering creatures to the dove with its olive department. She was proper, and inside one other day villages had been noticed alongside the coast. The water grew to become noisy with dozens of tiny rocking boatloads of Indians. Bumboat males, Mrs. Cavendish referred to as them, shouting to be heard over the cries of the villagers as they boasted of their merchandise, hoping to promote coconuts, bananas, or tamarinds. I hung over the railing, watching because the natives threw ropes with baskets connected over the ship’s aspect. Among the crew referred to as right down to them in a wierd tongue that I couldn’t establish, placing cash into the hampers. The hampers had been lowered, after which got here up once more, full of regardless of the sailors had requested. I longed to attempt the strange-looking fruit, however Mrs. Cavendish, with a slight shake of her head, indicated that it might be beneath us to buy something on this method. Throughout the previous few days, as we grew ever nearer to our vacation spot, pleasure grew in me. At first I attributed it to the fantastic thing about the water and solar, the flying fish sending little droplets of water onto the sleek sea, however then realized it was one thing else. I detected a distinction within the ambiance, and whether or not it was the air itself or the diploma of warmth I couldn’t say. Maybe the smells carried within the wind contributed to the unexplained breathlessness I skilled. My nostril full of the unusual smells of an unfamiliar populace, the scents of unknown vegetation. I felt as heady as I had when twirled in my first quadrille. —from The Linnet Fowl From the Hardcover version.

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