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The Venetian courtesan has lengthy captured the creativeness as a feminine image of sexual license, magnificence, magnificence, and unruliness. What then to make of the cortigiana onesta—the sincere courtesan who recast advantage as mental integrity and provided wit and refinement in return for patronage and a spot in public life? Veronica Franco (1546-1591) was such a girl, a author and citizen of Venice, whose revealed poems and acquainted letters supply wealthy testimony to the complexity of the sincere courtesan's place. Margaret F. Rosenthal attracts a compelling portrait of Veronica Franco in her cultural social, and financial world. Rosenthal reveals in Franco's writing a passionate help of defenseless girls, sturdy convictions about inequality, and, within the eroticized language of her epistolary verses, the seductive political nature of all poetic contests. It's Veronica Franco's perception into the ability conflicts between women and men—and her consciousness of the risk she posed to her male contemporaries—that makes her literary works and her dealings with Venetian intellectuals so pertinent as we speak. Combining the assets of biography, historical past, literary concept, and cultural criticism, this refined interdisciplinary work presents an eloquent and sometimes transferring account of 1 girl's life as an act of self-creation and as a fancy response to social forces and cultural situations. "A guide . . . pleasurably redolent of Venice within the 16th-century. Rosenthal offers a vivid sense of a world of salons and coteries, of intricate networks of household and patronage, and of literary exchanges each mental and erotic."—Helen Hackett, Instances Increased Training Complement The Sincere Courtesan is the idea for the movie Harmful Magnificence (1998) directed by Marshall Herskovitz. (The movie was re-titled The Sincere Courtesan for launch within the UK and Europe in 1999.)

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