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This ebook strains the particularities of song migration and tourism in several world settings, and gives present, even new views for ethnomusicological analysis on globalizing musics in transit. The twin focal point on tourism and migration is central to debates on globalization, and their examone by one or blendedgives an invaluable lens on many key questions on the place globalization is taking us: questions on identification and heritage, commoditization, historic and cultural illustration, hybridity, authenticity and possession, neoliberalism, inequality, diasporization, the relocation of allegiances, and extra. Additionally, for the primary time, those two key phenomenatourism and migrationare studied conjointly, in addition to interdisciplinary, so as to derive each parallels and contrasts. Whilst taking numerous views in embracing the fresh musical panorama, the gathering gives a variety of study strategies and theoretical approaches from ethnomusicology, anthropology, cultural geography, sociology, widespread song research, and media and verbal exchange. In so doing, Musics in Transit supplies a wealthy exemplification of the tactics that each one types of musical tradition are turning into transnational beneath post-global stipulations, sustained through each world markets and musics in transit, and to which each vacationers and diasporic cosmopolitans make crucial contribution.http://books.google.com/books/previewlib.js

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Raised up in The Inner City Projects Called FAIR FIELD COURT Located In The (HEART) City Of Richmond, Va by a single Black Woman who I call (MOM). How Hard Can That Be, I know you would probably guess that with ONE CHILD it wouldn't be so hard, BUT it wasn't, it was (MIGHTY HARD), To Raise A Young Boy
(ESPECIALLY ONE LIKE ME) to be a Grown Man (BLACK MAN) a Father ? My Mother worked HARD you hear me. 2 jobs, one in the early morning and One in Late Evenings. I am being 1000000 with you when I say this, (NOT 100) most of the time when she left in the Morning for work, she never returned home, it was straight to the part time job, just to provide for Herself and Me. (THESE DAYS, THAT'S HARD) Some -things do change, but never MY MOM'S LOVE FOR ME. What did change was ME. I started growing up, became a father @ 20 (KINDA GOOD THOUGH RIGHT?), went through a lot of turmoil though, Dropped Out Of School. (TOOK MOM THROUGH HELL - YOU HERE ME!). ANDS YES, I KNOW I DID NOW. I end up GOING TO JAIL on her (MY MOM) a couple of times. Matter of Fact, to Keep it 1000000 That's all I did for a while, for small things though, like Driving. I end up having 4 more Kids, whom I love dearly, like any father would. NOW, My Mom works a part time job now (STILL ABOUT THAT MONEY) and she's Retired. BUT ONE THING, MOM don't only take care of HERSELF, and Me now, BUT (MY KIDS) Her Grandkids. HEY, What can I say, SHE'S MY MOM. "Love you Mother".. and THANKS 4 RAISING MEWHO SAID/SAYS "A WOMAN CAN'T RAISE A MAN"? BUT YOU GUYS STILL HAVE TO REMEMBER, (I AM A PRODUCT OF MY ENVIRONMENT)- Now Tell Me, What'sMy Environment?


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