Cardbuddy,, Cardbuddy's head has gotten loose! Collect 5 pieces of sellotape for Cardbuddy to tape himself back together, but watch out for evil scissors along the way!Music: (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To – PDF Format WGo Forward AGo Left D Go Right Space BarTo Jump ShiftTo Run, mobile, […]

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Halloween Connect Deluxe,, Halloween Connect Deluxe is a classic connect game with Halloween Theme. In this game you need to clear the board by removing all the items. You can remove a pair at once. For removing a pair first you need to find a pair of 2 identical items, which can be connected with […]

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Nellie Game

Nellie Game,, In the game virtual presents get unpacked and after approving or disapproving they end up in the appropriate location, leaving the giver happy or sad. Choose a present by dragging it to the square and choose "unwrap presents" to see what it is.Select whether or not it's useful, mobile, –

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Flappy Christmas Star Adventure,, Flappy Christmas Star Adventure is a fly and jump game in the style of Flappy Bird. Left mouse click or space button to flap the star and fly through the pipes. This game is Extremely addictive! Simple mechanics so everyone will love this game. The aim of the game is to […]

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Sedrik`s Game

Sedriks Game,, hdfhhdfghskfjvsdkfnaludflsdufnfdilfuhldfuhalidfhualiufhaudifhdlifhsdlihufhlifuhwerugweoriughwriguhwerighwoirgheworheirghrugihwrzgzhwrgzwrgzwhrgzrghiwrgwlruwrziwgourihgwrtzgwrgwrugrwhgrghwrurghwrghwrgrhgpr Use the Arrowkeys to move right, left and Jump, mobile, <img src=”” alt=”Sedriks Game” /> –

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